Handi-Move Mobile Pool Lift

The Handimove mobile pool lift is battery powered and can be easily removed from poolside by one person with no lifting necessary. By pressing a button on the control box the pool hoist will lift itself out of its socket and can be wheeled away on its castors. The pool lift can be used with the unique body support system or a more conventional spreader bar and sling system.

For use with indoor or outdoor swimming pools, the Handimove pool lift is made from stainless steel and has an exceptional range of motion which is useful if there is a low water line below the top edge of the pool. The safe working load is 135 kg and the lift easily rotates through 360 degrees. Safety features include an emergency stop switch and emergency down switch.

When removed from the poolside socket the pool lift can be stored in a freestanding upright position. The socket is supplied with a blanking plug to leave a flush surface when the lift is not in use. Multiple sockets can be installed to service different locations within the same facility. This is a popular choice for leisure centres, fitness clubs and public swimming baths where there is a need to access more than one pool.

Key Features

  • Removable and relocatable lift with rubber wheels
  • Manufactured from lacquered stainless steel 316
  • Underground insertion slot made of stainless steel 316, located at poolside
  • Insertion slot cover made of plastic, for sealing the slot when not in use
  • 4 rubber wheels, 2 of them with a brake
  • Battery powered (2 x 12V-7Ah batteries)
  • Duplicate control device, electrical on the electrical cabinet, and pneumatic via a moisture resistant manual hand control with suspension hook (IP67)
  • Emergency stop and electrical emergency-down
  • Lift provided with a swivel hook, for the attachment of different body support systems
  • Large ergonomically positioned handgrips
  • Turns 360 on its axis
  • Simple installation or removal of the lift, without lifting. The pool lift lifts itself out of the anchoring slot in the ground by means of an electromechanical system
  • Weight 97 Lbs / 44 kg


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