Stannah 320 Outdoor stairlift

Whether you have a long flight of outside stairs or just a few steps going down to the basement or up to the garden,  the Stannah external stairlift is a comfortable, safe and reliable way to ensure external steps are never a problem again.

Features include:

Fitted to the stairs not the wall

A slim strong rail is fitted to the stairs and not to the wall, even if it’s solid concrete, wood or metal.

Folds flat against the wall

The padded stairlift arms, seat and footrest fold away to clear the stairs for other users.

Easy to get on and off

Swivel seat is operated by easy-to-use levers on either side of the stairlift, allowing you to gently turn the chair toward the upwards direction and be in the easiest position to dismount.

Alternative control options for left or right handed people

Directional controls can be positioned on either arm of the stairlift. You can choose to have either a joystick or push-button controls.

Seatbelt for complete security

The stairlift’s seatbelt ensures that you are fully secure in the chair.

Stops automatically if it meets an obstruction

Safety edges ensure the stairlift stops gently but immediately if it encounters an obstruction on the stairs.


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